The first UK E32 Register meeting of 2003 will take place this Sunday at 1pm in the car park of the Harvester Restaurant in Watford.

I modified my glovebox torch, adding a more powerful battery andconverting the light source to three ultra-bright white LEDs.

In the lid of the boot you will find the BMW toolbox. Sometimes some tools are missing because previous owners lose them, this is what you should find in there.

Recently my steering wheel started squeaking while executing slow speed turns. The cause: old, hard grease on the slip ring for the horn contact. The fix: remove the wheel, clean up the old grease, apply new grease.

My right rear light cluster has had a crack in it since I bought the car, and as I was getting some door lock parts from a breaker I took the chance to get a replacement light cluster in the same package. The light cluster cost me £30 from German Car Dismantlers and it was very straightforward to fit.