Replace the rear light cluster

January 20, 2003

Reading time ~1 minute

My right rear light cluster has had a crack in it since I bought the car, and as I was getting some door lock parts from a breaker I took the chance to get a replacement light cluster in the same package. The light cluster cost me £30 from German Car Dismantlers and it was very straightforward to fit. Sorry, no pictures.

  1. remove the rubber gasket strip from the light and clean it up with soap and water to ensure a good seal
  2. replace the gasket on the light
  3. apply Gummi-Pflege to the gasket to help keep it flexible
  4. Unclip the carpet at the rear of the boot
  5. transfer the bulbs from the old light to the new one
  6. unclip the plastic clip from the wiring plug
  7. unplug the wire
  8. unscrew the 5 nuts
  9. pull off the boot basket from the area around the light
  10. remove old light, clean up bodywork with a damp cloth
  11. my new light only had 4 bolts installed so I removed one from the old light and installed it in the new one
  12. install new light, tighten 5 nuts
  13. plug in and replace the plastic clip
  14. replace carpet

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