Toolbox contents

January 20, 2003

Reading time ~1 minute

In the lid of the boot you will find the BMW toolbox. Sometimes some tools are missing because previous owners lose them, this is what you should find in there.

  • At the back: warning triangle
  • At the front, from left to right:
    1. Spanner 8mm / 10mm
    2. Spanner 12mm / 13mm
    3. Spanner 17mm / 19mm
    4. Water pump pliers
    5. tool to help you re-fit the road wheels
    6. Spark plug socket (use the screwdriver as a handle)
    7. Screwdriver
    8. Allen key for emergency sunroof closing (not shown)
    9. Security key for wheel bolts

As BMWs are European, everything is in metric, which is a good thing. :-)

Since the photo was taken I bought a replacement allen key from the dealer, it only cost a few pounds.

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