In the lid of the boot you will find the BMW toolbox. Sometimes some tools are missing because previous owners lose them, this is what you should find in there.

Recently my steering wheel started squeaking while executing slow speed turns. The cause: old, hard grease on the slip ring for the horn contact. The fix: remove the wheel, clean up the old grease, apply new grease.

My right rear light cluster has had a crack in it since I bought the car, and as I was getting some door lock parts from a breaker I took the chance to get a replacement light cluster in the same package. The light cluster cost me £30 from German Car Dismantlers and it was very straightforward to fit.

This is part 2 of the replacement procedure for the M30 headgasket.

On the weekend of 12th January 2002 I was invited by H at Ashford Motorsport to visit him and let him replace my head gasket for me. I was planning to do it in the street outside my house when H intervened with his offer, and a good job it was too - we started at 14:00 and didn’t finish until 03:00 the following day. Imagine how long it would have taken me on my own (well actually I would probably have broken it beyond repair). Read on for part 1.