I’ve got some new glasses! I had my eyes tested in August, and the prescription had changed so little I didn’t fancy spending £200 to replace my old glasses (which I’d had for nearly 3 years). Then about 3 weeks ago, I was using my PowerBook in bed (calm down at the back there! I was designing a website…) and I realised I’d misplaced my glasses. I found them under the PowerBook, with the lenses scratching against the underside. The left lens picked up a big circular scratch almost exactly aligned with the centre of my eye.

Conversation at our house earlier today: Heidi: I’m just going to buy some milk from the shop over the road
James: Why?
Heidi: Because daddy’s going to do some cooking
Matthew: What’s he making?
Heidi: Well, what’s the only thing he knows how to cook?
James: Pancakes!
Matthew: Tea!
Me: What? Cheeky little… I have a bigger cooking repertoire than just pancakes and tea!
James: [after a perfect comedic pause] …coffee…

This unfortunate yet hilarious typo was received by a colleague. He’d reported a bug to one of the developers of some software that we use. Her emailed reply was simply:
I have testes and I cannot reproduce.
This is now our standard in-house response to any bug reports.

…when Mark Goodier is doing voiceovers for 80% of the adverts on TV.

This evening I went through my log files and identified a load of URLs from my old site which are now invalid, and made them redirect to the new pages. My 10 most popular articles are: If you’re reading this on my RSS or atom feed and you haven’t had any updates for a while, it’s because the old RSS and atom URLs were two of the ones that were broken. I get loads of links from BMW forums such as 7-Forum.com (German) Roadfly and bimmer.info. Hi guys! I might get another BMW one day. Maybe when the second hand price of the E65 comes down a bit.