Conversation at our house earlier today: Heidi: I’m just going to buy some milk from the shop over the road
James: Why?
Heidi: Because daddy’s going to do some cooking
Matthew: What’s he making?
Heidi: Well, what’s the only thing he knows how to cook?
James: Pancakes!
Matthew: Tea!
Me: What? Cheeky little… I have a bigger cooking repertoire than just pancakes and tea!
James: [after a perfect comedic pause] …coffee…

This unfortunate yet hilarious typo was received by a colleague. He’d reported a bug to one of the developers of some software that we use. Her emailed reply was simply:
I have testes and I cannot reproduce.
This is now our standard in-house response to any bug reports.

…when Mark Goodier is doing voiceovers for 80% of the adverts on TV.

This evening I went through my log files and identified a load of URLs from my old site which are now invalid, and made them redirect to the new pages. My 10 most popular articles are: If you’re reading this on my RSS or atom feed and you haven’t had any updates for a while, it’s because the old RSS and atom URLs were two of the ones that were broken. I get loads of links from BMW forums such as (German) Roadfly and Hi guys! I might get another BMW one day. Maybe when the second hand price of the E65 comes down a bit.

Here’s a useful hint. If you’re executing a command which is going to take a while, rather than minimising the terminal once you’ve started it, you can reduce the font by repeatedly pressing Cmd minus. That way you can leave the window somewhere visible on your desktop and keep glancing across to it. Your subconscious mind will usually let you know that it’s finished within a few minutes of the event, because it will pick up on the fact that the text has stopped moving. Here’s an example Linux kernel compilation over ssh: Shrunken Terminal