November 16, 2007

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I bought an iPhone last Friday. I arrived at the O2 store in Banbury at about 18:10. There was quite a party atmosphere with about 15 members of staff available, but there were only about 2 customers there apart from me. Nobody else bought anything while I was there, although I passed someone on the way to the shop posing for a photograph, beaming broadly and holding his “Got One!” bag for the camera to see.

I came away with an iPhone, an Apple bluetooth headset, and a small belt clip case for the phone. Activation of the phone using my MacBook at home went really smoothly. My PAC had arrived from Orange the same day, thankfully. When you are porting a number from another network you are assigned a temporary number until your transfer date. My transfer took 7 days, in fact it is in the process of transferring as I write this. If I phone my temporary number at the moment I get voicemail, and the number I’m porting is unobtainable.

iPhone is the best mobile phone I think I’ve ever used. Its user interface is full of neat little touches. One of them that I’ve just noticed involves the “Airplane Mode” setting. If you switch Airplane Mode on, the signal strength meter in the menu bar is replaced with a little orange plane icon. When you switch Airplane Mode off again, the plane zooms off to the right as it fades out. Neat!

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