SinglePoint, RIP?

December 08, 2004

Reading time ~1 minute

My current phone is a SonyEricsson P900, which I got nearly a year ago on an Orange contract. Before that I had a Nokia 7650 on SinglePoint. Last night while running a bath for the kids I got a phone call from someone at Vodafone. They asked me if I wanted to return - the guy said that they weren’t dealing with SinglePoint any more as it had cost them too many users. I questioned him further and he said that they’d bought out SinglePoint and immediately got rid of 50% of their staff. It seems that SinglePoint had such a bad customer services reputation that customers were leaving in droves.

I’ve just had a gander at the Vodafone website, and there is a press release confirming that they have bought out SinglePoint for £405m. However it’s written in fairly glowing terms and doesn’t even hint at any problems with SinglePoint.

I didn’t really mind the intrusion, the guy was quite pleasant, and it was useful information. For the moment though I’m quite happy with Orange.

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