Connectivity, and Bonnet update

February 12, 2003

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Some more news about the connectivity problem, and also an update on the insurance claim for my bonnet… The fibre optic cable replacement the other day seems to have done the trick as my connectivity has been fine since then. Any downtime you are still seeing must be my fault. :-) I have got an assignment of IPv6 addresses for experimentation and I hope to have the site available over IPv6 in the near future.

I got the go-ahead for the bonnet replacement yesterday, but the bodyshop want me to be very sure that the 750 bonnet and grille will go straight on, as obviously they will charge me for any extra work involved. I don’t want to end up paying for a day’s labour while they adapt stuff to fit. I have checked the ETK and everything is shared across the whole range at the front end, except the bonnet itself, the left, centre and right grilles, and the metal strip under the grilles. The body shop spoke to BMW and they said they couldn’t guarantee the fit of stuff like the acoustic mat under the bonnet. According to my research even that is the exact same part across the range. I’m going to print out the diagrams for the relevant sections, with part numbers, and post them to the body shop.

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