I had some new rear tyres fitted today by the garage at the end of my road, STS (I would provide a URL but they don’t appear to be online).They also did the tracking and the handling has improved yet again, they have virtually eliminated the pull to the right that the car used to have.The tyres are Nankang 225/50 VR 15 and they cost me about £55 each including fitting, balancing and VAT. The alignment cost £35.

The bonnet and grille replacement on my car has now been completed and I picked up my car on Friday afternoon.

The first bit of news is that my car is booked in for its new bonnet and grille next Tuesday.Secondly, a reminder that the UK E32 Register are having another meeting this Sunday (16th).

Now you’re sat with a pile of bits in front of you, I’ll show you how to put your OBC back together.

Now you have your OBC in bits (see part 1), how do you go about changing the stock orange backlight to something a bit more modern?