Hello world! I thought I’d update my blog before I make it to the 1 year anniversary of my last post. Here’s a Genius playlist which my iPhone picked for my journey home from work today. Every track a winner! I really like the Genius feature in iTunes, it’s usually spot on.

“No, that’s a heron. Herring are fish.”

Wow, Pokey the Penguin is 10 years old. How time flies. pokey487_1.gif

Back in 1992 I was a student in Sheffield. Money was quite tight, but when my Walkman broke I splashed out and replaced it with a Panasonic RQ-S15. I remember choosing it because it was so small (hardly any bigger than a cassette) and I think even back then I’d decided that this was probably the last “Walkman” I was ever going to buy, so I wanted a good one. P1090180.jpg Looks lovely, eh?

Well the inevitable has eventually happened, my Apple Bluetooth Headset has been put through a full 40°C cycle in the washing machine. Not only that, my iPhone stereo headset was in the other pocket. The headset microphone seemed to be broken so I tried to pry it open to dry it out. I just managed to break the clips. After warming it up on my external USB drive all day it has dried out to the point where it might be working OK again, so I’m going to try a bit of superglue to fix the cover back on. In the meantime here is a photo. Inside the iPhone headset microphone My bluetooth headset is still in a bad way. It sort of charges up, but the indicator flashes orange. If you hold the button to turn it on, it does the usual four rising tones but it is very scratchy and crackly. It’s also pretty beat up, as it came out of the pocket and rattled round the washing machine drum. Here’s some pictures. iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle iPhone bluetooth headset after washing machine cycle