How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you? Answer: £98. I ordered iWork 05 and iLife last night as soon as I’d finished watching the keynote. Which took until 2am because the rest of the world was also trying to watch it. The 1GB iPod shuffle can also serve as a plain 1GB USB memory stick, so I’ll probably get one at some point. It would also be nice to replace the Windows box in the basement with a Mac mini. It’s pretty much only used by my kids for browsing Cbeebies.

My son James is five years old. This morning (10th January), before we left the house, we'd remarked to him that it would probably be indoor playtime today because of the weather. It's about 20 minutes drive from our house to James' school. As I was walking him from the car to school, our conversation went like this:
  • Me: So, what do you normally do if it's a wet playtime?
  • James: Well last time, on October 13th, year 3 and 4 came into the hall to play with us.
  • Me: That's amazing! You remember the actual date?
  • James: Yes, it was Jake's birthday.
  • </ul> </blockquote> Now the question is, should I check with his teacher to see if he's right?

Software patents are a terrible idea. Sign the “Thank you, Poland!” letter

Another power cut last night. 03:10 to 04:20. Time to write a letter I think…

Another one today. Not sure of the exact time, but from my system log it seems to have lasted from about 13:50 to 16:05.