I bought an iPhone last Friday. I arrived at the O2 store in Banbury at about 18:10. There was quite a party atmosphere with about 15 members of staff available, but there were only about 2 customers there apart from me. Nobody else bought anything while I was there, although I passed someone on the way to the shop posing for a photograph, beaming broadly and holding his “Got One!” bag for the camera to see.

Here’s the Mac OS X Leopard version of the Airport menu shown in the previous post: Leopard airport menu The lock icons are presumably quite useful for some people, although I only ever connect to either my home or office network so I never really even look at the menu.

I can see loads of WiFi routers from my house these days. A couple of years ago, mine was the only one. Oh yes, this post is also a test of the new Skitch Beta.

My MacBook has been getting slower and slower lately, so today I started to investigate what the cause might be. I’d noticed a while ago that a message had started appearing in system.log:
update_prebinding: error: dependent dylib is not prebound
update_prebinding: error 256 running update_prebinding_core
You can run update_prebinding from the shell but you don’t get any extra insight into the problem because the error message is exactly the same.

For the last few weeks now this blog has been hosted on my slice at SliceHost. It’s really fast, especially since I upgraded to the 1024slice plan. If you sign up, please enter my email address as the referrer (or use the link above). I get a (tiny) referral fee from SliceHost if you’re still a customer after 3 months.