You might need to remove the lock barrel if you have a problem with it or you are changing your locks. If so, this is how you do it.


  • loss of coolant
  • evidence of water spray in a circle around the fan - check the bonnet lining and sides of the radiator hoses
  • dampness on the front of the engine underneath the fan (after the car has been sat for a few hours)


  • temperature gauge not reading at 12 o’clock

Many of the switches in your car will illuminate when theheadlights are switched on, but most of them use tiny incandescentlight bulbs to provide the illumination. The problem with these bulbsis that they eventually burn themselves out. The repair procedure I’mgoing to describe here is to replace a burned out lamp with an LED.

This is the procedure for removing the electic rear seats of an E32 735. If your seats aren't electric, Don Gale has documented the procedure on his web site Gale's Repair Helps, specifically his Rear Seat Removal page. If you are an E32 owner you should have Don's site in your bookmarks.