The default key bindings for the home and end keys in Mac OS X are different to any other operating system I’ve ever used. By default, they seem to be bound to the viewport, rather than the line of text you are editing. In a multi-line document, the Home key scrolls up to the top of the document, and the End key scrolls down to the bottom. In each case the caret stays where it was. As a programmer I find this behaviour to be just plain wrong— I want Home and End to move to the start and end of the current line. I have found a way to “fix” this problem by editing the default keybindings file, ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict. Create the directory and / or the file if they’re not already there, and make it look like this:
        /* Remap Home / End to be correct :-) */
        "\UF729"  = "moveToBeginningOfLine:";                   /* Home         */
        "\UF72B"  = "moveToEndOfLine:";                         /* End          */
        "$\UF729" = "moveToBeginningOfLineAndModifySelection:"; /* Shift + Home */
        "$\UF72B" = "moveToEndOfLineAndModifySelection:";       /* Shift + End  */
If there are already entries in DefaultKeyBinding.dict, just add the 4 new mappings above to the main section of your file.

Here's a neat idea. Take a photo of the wall behind your laptop, then set that photo as your desktop wallpaper. You end up with something like this:
'Transparent' PowerBook Flickr photoset of similar images.

The Two Ronnies are returning to the TV! I watched Ronnie Corbett host Have I Got News For You a few weeks back, and it was hilarious. Even when he wasn’t telling jokes I was laughing. He could read a tax return and it’d be funny.</p>

Last week I had a sudden revelation, and replaced the 60W incandescent bulb in my desk light with an 11W low energy bulb. Like most people these days, I have these bulbs fitted in many of the lights in the house. For some reason I never thought to put one in my desk light. It used to be too hot to touch within 5 minutes of switching it on, now it runs cool and remains easy to move around. Yes, I know I sound like a bit of a dork putting that in my blog. :) P.S. My desk light is an old original Luxo L-1, with a clamp rather than a base. My father-in-law gave it me when he rescued it from the office where he worked.

Chemistry professor claims his discovery will spell the end for soap powder on wash day

Richard Pashley, a professor of physical chemistry at the Australian National University in Canberra, has discovered that when tiny air "particles" are removed from water - a process known as "de-gassing" - the water lifts oily stains from the surface of clothes, allowing soap-free cleaning. Prof Pashley said that the technique was so effective that even the greasiest stains could be removed. "You can use de-gassed water to clean whatever you have dirtied. We even experimented with Vaseline. We cleaned it off completely. This is a new area of science - the mixing of oil and water. It could be a cleaning revolution."
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