More software I've bought for my Mac

March 24, 2005

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Since my earlier post I’ve bought a couple more apps, and upgraded another.


I work for a company which has thankfully embraced Mind Mapping as a valid way of sharing ideas. Of course, the rest of the office is using Windows, and those that Mind Map use Mind Manager. I paid just over £50 for my copy of NovaMind, considerably cheaper than Mind Manager. It imports and exports Mind Manager files as well. It’s amazingly easy to use, and you can do some cool text effects with just a few mouse clicks. The only thing I wish it had was a library of images to use for the start image of the map (with mind mapping, it’s recommended to start with a vibrant image in the centre, which should ideally be in at least 3 colours). It can import images from iPhoto— maybe I should create a library of suitable images there.

VoodooPad 2.0 (Flying Meat Inc.)

VoodooPad is fantastic! I urge you to download a copy of the free version, VoodooPad Lite. I upgraded to the full version the next day, it was so obviously worth the money. I use this most days now. It’s really handy for making notes, as it’s really easy to hyperlink everything together. I called my first document “Jon’s Development Wiki” but it turns out I’ve just put everything in there. Why bother creating separate documents? It’s easier to have your whole life linked together in one.

Notebook v2.0 (Circus Ponies)

I haven’t actually bought this because I already own it, but a new version has been released and my 1.2 license still works with it. Yet again it looks impressive, although it still has a bewildering array of preferences, inspectors, and nested configuration screens. It’s laden with features though, maybe this version will be the one that gets me using it regularly?

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