Boy's bread

March 12, 2007

Reading time ~1 minute

This weekend we dug the breadmaker out of the cupboard and attempted to make some raisin bread. It’s been ages since I last used it, and I vaguely remember that I used to have to put more water in than it said in the official recipe, otherwise it came out wrong.

Anyway, I decided to stick with the recipe for the first attempt, and we ended up after two and a half hours with a stodgy loaf of bread only 5cm high.

It still smelled great, and the boys and I were starving, so we decided to try it anyway – and it wasn’t too bad actually – tasty, but very, very stodgy.

While we were all struggling to eat a slice each, I wondered out loud whether mummy would like to try it. Matthew looked at me and said “I think it’s boy’s bread really”.

P.S. The next 3 loaves were no better.

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