The Sims 2 update released

October 16, 2005

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TUAW reports:

The Sims 2 1.0 rev b has been released, and includes the following changes:

<ul><li>Fixed problems using the in-game content browser to connect to</li><li>Improved stability related to sound.</li><li>Added support for Japanese character input .</li><li>Package installer now localized in Japanese and Italian. </li></ul>Unfortunately, it looks like the "it is very boring" issue is yet to be addressed.

Their last comment is so true! Number of times I’ve played The Sims 2 since I last blogged about it? Zero. Total number of times I’ve played it since I bought it? One.

I wrote to Aspyr Support, saying how disappointed I was with the performance of The Sims 2 on my G4 Powerbook, and asking if I could swap it for a copy of The Sims 1. Their answer: it works fine, and no, you can’t swap it.

If I ever buy another game again, it will be for a Playstation or an XBox (which I will have to purchase at the same time because I don’t own one at the moment).

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