Keeping fit

November 01, 2004

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I've never been much of a keep fit fanatic, and anyone that knows me will tell you that that's a complete understatement. I've decided to try and rectify that by starting to do a bit more exercise, i.e. more than none.

To that end I've started jogging. I've got myself a pair of trainers, and some tracksuit trousers. A few weeks ago I went out running a couple of times with my brother, but for some reason the momentum was never quite there to go out a third time. Tonight I went out running with a colleague from work and we are planning to make it a thrice-weekly event. There are no shower facilities at work so the plan is to set off straight after work, then at least we can head straight home afterwards.

Tonight we ran for about 45 minutes, from work to Buckingham town and back. It's now three hours later and my legs still feel like jelly.

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