August 03, 2004

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At the weekend I returned home after spending a couple of weeks on my hols in North Wales. After unloading the car, I gave my web server a kick. A few days into the first week we had a power cut, which wouldn't be a problem normally but the server got stuck during the BIOS check. It was complaining that the cover had been previously opened. Would it have been too much trouble to incorporate a timeout into the message so it could have booted up unattended? Cheers Dell!

I took my PowerBook with me on holiday, as I needed somewhere to upload my digital photos. That's what I told my wife anyway. I stayed disconnected for a few days, then couldn't stand it any more and worked out how to connect to the net via GPRS on my mobile, over BlueTooth to the powerbook. It worked well enough, but it always took two or three tries before it connected, and the connection timed out about a minute of idle time, which was quite frustrating.

LS400 ride height sensor repair

This is a repair I did a while ago, and it still seems to be working fine.Read on for more details.The LS400 has two ride height sensors,...… Continue reading

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