Oh no!

January 30, 2003

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My car got hit on the way home from work this evening! Early indications are that I definitely need a new grille, and more than likely a new bonnet. I will know better when I see it in the light tomorrow morning. I was driving home this evening on an extremely icy road when I had to stop because a car had gone off the road in the distance. While I was stopped the traffic coming the other way continued to move slowly. Just as an articulated lorry was drawing level with me a gust of wind blew it sideways, and it slowly moved across the road, going down the side of a Golf in front of me and ending up resting on the front of my bonnet.

 Images Articles 20030130204407423 1

 Images Articles 20030130204407423 4

Here’s a couple of images I took at the scene with my phone.

 Images Articles 20030130204407423 2

 Images Articles 20030130204407423 3

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