Mustard-coloured relay repair

January 18, 2003

Reading time ~1 minute

I started getting warning messages about the tail lights and sidelights, when there was nothing wrong with them. These are classic symptoms of dry joints in the mustard coloured relay.

Step 1 open the fusebox - it is located near the windscreen on the left hand side of the car.

 Images Articles 20030118234657902 1

Step 2 locate the mustard coloured relay in the centre of the fusebox and remove it
 Images Articles 20030118234657902 2

Step 3 ease open the three clips around the bottom of the relay and pull off the plastic lid

Step 4 examine the circuit board. You will no doubt find many bad solder joints. The easiest thing to do is resolder all of them. I used a 25 watt soldering iron, my 15 watt wasn't up to the job.

 Images Articles 20030118234657902 3

As you can see, most of my solder joints have gone bad. I've labeled a couple of them.

If you really want to do the job properly, desolder the relays first to remove all the old solder. This step is strictly optional!

 Images Articles 20030118234657902 4

Step 5 clip the relay back together and return it to the car.

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