My MacBook has been getting slower and slower lately, so today I started to investigate what the cause might be. I’d noticed a while ago that a message had started appearing in system.log:
update_prebinding: error: dependent dylib is not prebound
update_prebinding: error 256 running update_prebinding_core
You can run update_prebinding from the shell but you don’t get any extra insight into the problem because the error message is exactly the same.

For the last few weeks now this blog has been hosted on my slice at SliceHost. It’s really fast, especially since I upgraded to the 1024slice plan. If you sign up, please enter my email address as the referrer (or use the link above). I get a (tiny) referral fee from SliceHost if you’re still a customer after 3 months.

Photos of the Alcoa factory fire which I emailed to the Banbury Guardian have been published on their website, along with extracts from the email I sent them. Higher resolution pictures than the ones they published are after the jump.

I just cracked the security code for my car!

I know I’m a bit behind in bloging about this, because it has already been done to death in the blogshpere, but something occurred to me this morning. (2019-02-28: removed dead links to stories on,,,, and Apple have announced that Leopard will be shipping in October, but previous experience shows that what they mean by “ship Leopard in October” is probably “ship Leopard on October 31st”, and therefore we probably won’t actually get our hands on a copy of Leopard until a few days into November.