My colleague Surj has put up an article about how to configure Linux on a Dell Inspiron 9200. Specifically, it looks better if you override the default gamma setting apparently. (Edited 2019-02-28 - removed dead links)

Tomato Ketchup bottle How is a drawing of some tomatoes a serving suggestion for tomato ketchup? “Instead of this, just have some tomatoes instead”?

This is my favourite bit from recent TV adverts: Michael Winner Don’t have nightmares. [Edit 2007-01-05] It’s from one of those ESure adverts. I don’t think they show it anymore.

I've held onto this wav for years, I think it originally came via NTK. Of all the joke phone recordings, answering machine messages etc. that the internet has sent my way, this remains my favourite. The file is exactly as I received it, peter_b.wav (512k). Warning: contains swearing.

Spotted at Warwick Castle: Unsuitable For Wheelchair Users