I’ve switched to Typo, after a frustrating couple of days spent trying (and failing) to configure the Math Comment Moderation Plugin of Blojsom.

For three days in the week, I take my 4-year-old son to nursery in the mornings. Just lately he's been doing something that gets me very strange looks from the staff. I say goodbye, and give him a kiss. Then I move away from him, and he throws himself up at me so I have to pick him up. Then I say goodbye again and give him another kiss. When I put him down, he prostrates himself in front of me and kisses my feet. I have no idea where he got the idea from, but the staff at the nursery must think I rule my house with an iron fist.
“Hi kids, I'm home! Come and worship me, now!

What amazing news. The European Parliament voted 648 to 14 to reject the Computer Implemented Inventions directive. This is almost better news than the announcement that London will host the 2012 Olympic Games.

Finally I have stopped procrastinating, and repaired my broken mouse. The cable must have had a break in it where it exited the mouse, so I’ve shortened it by about 5cm and resoldered it. I know it’s an ancient mouse but it now works again and it’s saved me the hassle of buying a new one. Also it saves it from adding to some landfill site somewhere. At work I use a Logitech MX1000 laser cordless mouse, and as soon as they do a bluetooth version I’m getting one. It’ll work great with my PowerBook and I won’t need the USB docking station thingy. Currently listening to: Speak To Me / Breathe from the album “Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd. Wasn’t it great to see them back together at Live8?

According to /usr/share/calendar/calendar.history on my PowerBook, The Blues Brothers premiered in Chicago on 16th June 1980. That would make it 25 years old today. There was a period in my life when I watched that film virtually every weekend. :-)