Logitech have version 2.13 of their Mac OS X mouse driver available for download, fixing the bug in version 2.12 which meant that it didn’t work at all. Their changelog lists the following:
  • This release provides a new Dashboard & Exposé assignment and bug fixes.
brief huh?

The new Airport Extreme is available for pre-order from the UK Apple Store but is marked Ready to ship: FEBRUARY. Only a couple more weeks, right? Erm, no. screenshot from online UK Apple store

I just read that Michael Winner has been taken ill. Calm down, dear! Get well soon, Michael!

I’m currently listening to KrazyBen’s Mashed of 2006 mashups, they are excellent. Actually they are more like mashups of mashups, as he’s taken a load of existing work by other mashup artists and remixed them together.

I have just installed LCC 2.12 and it doesn’t work. Version 2.11 worked fairly well but was a bit buggy when switching scroll wheel settings when focus moved between apps. I have tracked down the problem to the fact that some files are missing in the install, read on for more info and a fix. Updated 2007-01-07: ‘a’ pointed out that you need to make sure the ownership of the kext is correct, so I’ve added another step. Updated 2007-01-11: I’ve just noticed that Logitech have pulled version 2.12 from their site. You can only download version 2.11 at the moment. Updated 2007-01-12: Version 2.12 is back on Logitech’s site. Unfortunately, it is still broken. Updated 2007-01-23: Logitech have fixed the bug. I’ve removed the download as it’s not needed any more.