Photos of the Alcoa factory fire which I emailed to the Banbury Guardian have been published on their website, along with extracts from the email I sent them. Higher resolution pictures than the ones they published are after the jump.

I just cracked the security code for my car!

I know I’m a bit behind in bloging about this, because it has already been done to death in the blogshpere, but something occurred to me this morning. Apple have announced that Leopard will be shipping in October, but previous experience shows that what they mean by “ship Leopard in October” is probably “ship Leopard on October 31st”, and therefore we probably won’t actually get our hands on a copy of Leopard until a few days into November.

The bread problem is now solved. We’d inadvertently picked up a packet of normal yeast, rather than yeast designed to work with breadmaking machines.

This weekend we dug the breadmaker out of the cupboard and attempted to make some raisin bread. It’s been ages since I last used it, and I vaguely remember that I used to have to put more water in than it said in the official recipe, otherwise it came out wrong. Anyway, I decided to stick with the recipe for the first attempt, and we ended up after two and a half hours with a stodgy loaf of bread only 5cm high. It still smelled great, and the boys and I were starving, so we decided to try it anyway – and it wasn’t too bad actually – tasty, but very, very stodgy. While we were all struggling to eat a slice each, I wondered out loud whether mummy would like to try it. Matthew looked at me and said “I think it’s boy’s bread really”. P.S. The next 3 loaves were no better.