The body shop has confirmed that the bonnet is beyond repair, so have submitted a quote to replace the bonnet and front grilles, and straighten the metal panel in front of the top of the radiator. The labour comes to £360, the paint and materials £155, and of course the parts need buying as well. I have sent the quote to my insurance company and I await their decision.

My car got hit on the way home from work this evening! Early indications are that I definitely need a new grille, and more than likely a new bonnet. I will know better when I see it in the light tomorrow morning.

I just won a model E32 in an eBay auction. Pics enclosed…

The first UK E32 Register meeting of 2003 will take place this Sunday at 1pm in the car park of the Harvester Restaurant in Watford.

I modified my glovebox torch, adding a more powerful battery andconverting the light source to three ultra-bright white LEDs.