Apple recently announced that the next version of Mac OS X (codenamed Tiger) will include the Blojsom blog package. Since I am both a Mac user, and a Java developer (Blojsom is written in Java) I decided to download the latest version and try it out. Up until now I've been using geeklog, which is fine and all that, but to be honest I've never been particularly fond of PHP. I don't like the way that the site content and logic is all crammed together in each file. I've only just started to scratch the surface of Blojsom, but it seems to use a much more favourable design, with pages built up from Velocity templates.

Got GMail? I have! :-) Cheers Rich. evans d0t jon at gmail d0t com. Has a nice ring to it.

Ho hum. It seems that in every sphere of life, there is scum. I’ve just spent 1/2 an hour deleting comment spam. Sorry if you read any of it and found it offensive. I’ve changed the site configuration so that you have to register before you can post. Another example of idiots making life difficult for everyone else.

It must be the start of summer here in the UK, because the temperature has hit 26° C for the last couple of days. The downside is that the air conditioning in my car can’t cope with it at all. Last year it seemed fine. My initial diagnosis is leaking heater valves, which mean that engine coolant is always going through the heater matrix even with the valves closed. I’ve bought a new heater valve unit (photo to follow…) and hopefully I’ll find the time to fit it this weekend.

How did that manage to take so long? I managed to get it all back together this weekend. First job was to install the siren, which I managed to fit by the bulkhead, secured by one of the bolts for the bonnet latch. Finally I completed wiring up the speakers to my head unit