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This lunchtime I went to the pub with a colleague. This was stenciled on the outside wall of the pub: 511E0022-1 Update: Aha! It probably has something to do with this band.

I once bought a computer game called Alone in the Dark. In fact, spinning around on my office chair I can see that the box is still sat there on my shelf. It turns out that they've made a feature film out of it. It's getting amazing reviews, here are some samples:
The three stars have seen better days, but I'd like to think they could still do something classier and more dignified than this. Like gay porn.
It's only January, but I can't imagine any upcoming film replacing 'Alone in the Dark' as my leading candidate for Worst Movie of 2005.
Saying Uwe Boll's Alone in the Dark is better than his 2003 American debut House of the Dead is akin to praising syphilis for not being HIV.
-- Nicholas Schager, SLANT MAGAZINE
...asking the viewer to accept Tara Reid as a scientist is pure insanity, requiring a staggering leap of faith that I can't even begin to contemplate.
-- David Nusair, REEL FILM REVIEWS
Alone in the Dark co-stars perpetual party-girl Tara Reid as an archeologist. That alone should give you some clue as to how bad this movie is.
As video game adaptations go, even Pong: The Movie would have a lot more personality.
-- Michael Rechtshaffen, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER
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How much did the MWSF Keynote cost you?
Answer: £98. I ordered iWork 05 and iLife 05 last night as soon as I'd finished watching the keynote. Which took until 2am because the rest of the world was also trying to watch it. The 1GB iPod shuffle can also serve as a plain 1GB USB memory stick, so I'll probably get one at some point. It would also be nice to replace the Windows box in the basement with a Mac mini. It's pretty much only used by my kids for browsing Cbeebies.

My son James is five years old. This morning (10th January), before we left the house, we'd remarked to him that it would probably be indoor playtime today because of the weather. It's about 20 minutes drive from our house to James' school. As I was walking him from the car to school, our conversation went like this:
  • Me: So, what do you normally do if it's a wet playtime?
  • James: Well last time, on October 13th, year 3 and 4 came into the hall to play with us.
  • Me: That's amazing! You remember the actual date?
  • James: Yes, it was Jake's birthday.
  • Now the question is, should I check with his teacher to see if he's right?