Last month I imported all of my old BMW E32 Articles to this site, but I was contacted by a reader pointing out that many of them had broken image links in them. This was due to the way I put the site together on my server before uploading it all to my web host. All of the images ended up with URLs pointing to the temporary host I set up on my server while I was configuring it. I’ve fixed them all now, as far as I can see. I’ve also set up an index page which lists all of the repair articles I wrote for my E32.

James’ friend’s cat had to be put down last week (age 12 years). James asked his mum where Buttons was now, and Heidi said he was probably in Cat Heaven. Matthew said “Can we go to Cat Devon?”.

As previously stated, at work I use a Logitech® MX™1000 mouse. (Aside: is it just me, or do you hate it when companies litter their product names with ®™ symbols? I like to stick it to them by vocalizing them. “Yeah, I really love the Logitech ar em ex tee em one-thousand, it’s great!) Anyway, Apple have just brought out a new mouse called the Mighty Mouse, and the other day (yeah, OK, the day it was announced…) I drove to the Birmingham Apple Store to try one out. They didn’t have any in stock, so I left empty handed. I’ll probably wait for the Bluetooth version now. Oh, when I said I left empty handed, I did in fact leave with an iPod Shuffle Sports Case and a copy of The Sims 2. Don’t make the same mistake I did! If you have a G4 Mac (like my 15” PowerBook), don’t by The Sims 2. It runs like a dog on the G4. You get about 3 frames per second if there are more than about 4 Sims in your house. I bet The Sims (version 1) would run fine - I wish I’d bought that instead.

I’ve switched to Typo, after a frustrating couple of days spent trying (and failing) to configure the Math Comment Moderation Plugin of Blojsom.

For three days in the week, I take my 4-year-old son to nursery in the mornings. Just lately he's been doing something that gets me very strange looks from the staff. I say goodbye, and give him a kiss. Then I move away from him, and he throws himself up at me so I have to pick him up. Then I say goodbye again and give him another kiss. When I put him down, he prostrates himself in front of me and kisses my feet. I have no idea where he got the idea from, but the staff at the nursery must think I rule my house with an iron fist.
“Hi kids, I'm home! Come and worship me, now!