Time for a new car

August 13, 2004

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I've had just short of three relatively trouble-free years motoring from my Seven series, and it's the nicest car I've ever driven. It only cost me £3,500 so I don't think it owes me anything. Recently however enough things have bugged me about it that I can't see the sense in sinking any money into it to keep it going.

The air conditioning felt very weak earlier in the year, so I had it re-gassed locally at a cost of £117. Within a week all the gas had leaked out leaving me with no air conditioning at all. This is especially annoying as the interior is almost completely black, and this year despite the regular heavy showers we're actually having quite a hot summer.

The other thing past its best is the bodywork. There's now rust on the bottom of all the doors, under the headlights at the front, the rear passenger door frame (which I had cleaned up and repainted about 18 months ago), and the top of the offside c-pillar. When I bought the car there was a slight bump at the top of the c-pillar, and the window trim wasn't quite fitted right. I suspect it had some accident damage which was badly repaired.

The paintwork on the roof is also in an appalling state, apart from the sunroof. This again leads me to believe it was in an accident, which required a respray of the roof. Possible? Who knows.

Anyway, I'm looking for another "big" car, and from a shortlist of another 7 Series, an Audi A8, or a Lexus LS400, I've decided to look for an LS400.

There's one listed on Autotrader at the moment, apparently only 1 mile away from here, so I'm going to try and take a look at it tomorrow.

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